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AAR is committed to providing customer service that exceeds the expectations of its clients. Constant innovations to meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements and detail attention to our client needs, makes AAR’S Organic department standout from our competitors. The department offers a broad range of methodologies to address soil/groundwater cleanup criteria and waste classification characterization.


  • GC/MS Capabilities
  • Volatile screen SW 846 800/600 series
  • Semi-volatile screen SW 846 800/600 series
  • Tentatively Identified Compound searches (TICS)
  • CLP/NYSDEC ASP Volatiles
  • CLP/NYSDEC ASP Semi-volatiles
  • GC Capabilities
  • Pesticides/PCB’S SW 846 800/600 series
  • Herbicides SW 846 800/600 series
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • TPH
  • Drinking Water 500 series Volatiles
  • Petroleum services
  • Fingerprint scans

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